INSI Demography Services

Demography Services

The staff of the Institute of Science and Technology (INSI) makes estimates, analyses and future population forecasts for all cities and villages of Kosovo, according to the needs of projects and institutional needs. We possess human and infrastructural capacities for the development of demographic research, reports on the current situation and demographic forecasts at all spatial levels (settlement), through the use of the most modern techniques and methods. Our focus is on the demographic issue as follows, but not limited to: Collecting and digitizing spatial demographic data from the field, digitizes and processes them for the interests of projects and institutions, as needed; Conducting research on family planning and population structures; - Develops analysis and research on natural and mechanical movements of the population; Compiling reports on the existing demographic situation from the level of settlement to the country level; Analysis of natural movements, local and international migrations and their impact on the social, economic and political flows of the country; Developing population and household forecasts at all levels with the most sophisticated techniques and methods and for different periods (short-term, medium-term and long-term).

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